Welcome to Perin Orchard

Its' harvest time again at The Perin Orchard in Emmett, Idaho. Bite into one of our unique Red Spur apples and you will see what makes them so special. Enjoy the crisp juicy flavor from the first bite clear to the core. Our apples are great for eating fresh and are also excellent for applesauce, apple juice, pies, baked apples, etc. Mmmm, fresh baked apple pie.

No ladders are required because the dwarf trees are close to the ground. We have fresh apples to pick no matter how tall you are, 2 feet to 7 feet, more or less. Bring the family; children are welcome. Pack a lunch; enjoy the crisp fall country air as you stroll through the orchard. Handicrafts including birdhouses are available, as well.

The Perin Orchard, owned by Reisse and Geraldine Perin, has over 400 mature tress on 5 scenic acres of land. The trees were planted by one of the prominent orchard families in The Payette Valley. The Perins bought the property several years ago to enjoy the views and save the trees that were falling to development. Both "U Pick" and "We Pick For You" are available by the pound, by the box or by the pickup load. Contact us for current prices and harvest schedule. Weekends or by appointment.